Testimonials of our happy customers

Testimonials of our happy customers

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  • Best Puppy Store

    This is by far the best puppy store I've ever been to. The dogs are taken great care of by caring and loving staff, and everyone who works there is so knowledgeable and experienced! The dogs are so happy there and it's so clean. Definitely recommend anyone going here whether to buy a puppy or to just take a look.

    Nicole Bergamine

  • Amazing Store

    What a great hidden gem!! This little puppy store has such a great selection of puppies (healthy!!!) and everything I needed to make my new baby comfortable at home. The staff was friendly, knew what they were talking about and helped me decide on my new baby JACK the Cocker Spaniel. The were very honest about the positive as well as the negative aspects of the breed. I really appreciate them taking the time to help me decide. I recommend them to anyone looking for a puppy. They were great!!

    Rob Beckit

  • Unbeatable Prices

    I just got home from having my 9 year old Shih Tzu groomed at The Left Paw for the first time. She looks beautiful!! They did a fantastic job, the price is unbeatable, and the staff is wonderful (especially Rachel!). I will definitely be bringing my Bebe back and recommending this place to others.

    Suzanne S.

  • Amazing Puppy

    Two months ago we purchase amazing puppy (Morkie) from the left paw. The puppy was healthy, well nourished and well taken care of. We are so happy that we made decision to purchase our puppy from the left Paw. He makes us all happy, specially my two years old daughter. The owners are very helpful and professional. I will definitely recommending this store to my friends and family.

    Mella S.