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At The Left Paw Service, Customer Satisfaction, And A Tremendous Selection Of Healthy And Happy Puppies Can Be Found

Finding puppies for sale here in the Tri-State area from a reputable store can be a little tricky and on occasion become a daunting task. You must first find out if they have had the necessary vaccinations and their physicals as well (or is it all just simply filled out on a form and they're never actually seen by a licensed veterinarian?) Did they get your little doggie from a puppy-mill? The list of worries goes on and on. We here at The Left Paw, have an open door policy and take all that worry away. Our affiliated veterinarian, Dr. John Charos is in our store every week to check on our furry guests.

Dr. Charos is one of the most respected and caring veterinarians in the country. As the Chief Executive Officer and President of Central Veterinary Associates, he has been featured on News 12 Long Island and is involved in an abundance of animal care organizations. His compassion and care for all animals, not just dogs, is well known and admired. You can read more information about him here.


You may visit us before you select your little puppy and ask Sarah or her associates if you can see your puppies documents & papers. We keep & maintain each and every health record on each and every puppy that arrives in our store. All of our pups are visited by Dr. John Charos, a licensed veterinarian, at least once a week and every single puppy that enters our care is vaccinated as soon as they arrive. We perform preventive procedures to ensure each puppy is screened for any parasites and is free from any illnesses before he or she is able to go to their forever home. Under no circumstance is a puppy ever sold if he or she has a cold or other medical problem. We truly know what it feels like to bring your pet home for the first time. That joy and happiness that's shared by all. So everyone here at the Left Paw strive to make sure that there will not be an issue with your furry friends health.

Our entire team is as passionate about dogs as you are and as friendly as the puppy you're going to buy! Whatever it is you need assistance with, our team will always be ready to give advice and ensure that you find the right pet for you and your family.

We guarantee that each one of our puppies come from a reputable and licensed dog breeder. Our puppies all get to interact and run around with other puppies. They are not kept in their respective temporary housing all day. They run around and play with each other so that they can socialize and keep their young bodies in shape and get their exercise everyday.

Once you've found your bundle of fur and have decided on the ideal time of delivery we will take care of the rest. Yes. You read that correctly, if you cannot take your puppy home on that day (Surprise birthday, Christmas, or a "just because" gift) we will deliver it to your home for a very nominal fee. You can of-course bring your doggie home on the same day. Your little puppy will be cleaned, groomed and ready to go.

Our friendly team will also assist you to choose all of your puppy's supplies from crates, to food, to toys, we have everything your puppy may need and help your new family member settle nicely into their forever home.

At our pet store, we strive to give each customer the highest quality Puppies at a fair prices. If you are not completely satisfied, contact us and we will make it right. If there is any part of your Left Paw experience that does not meet your expectations, please give us the opportunity to address it immediately. For Assistance in any area call Sarah directly at 516-305-4220 with your comments or concerns. Healthy Puppies and Customer Satisfaction Is Our Top Priority.

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